Wednesday, 5 October 2011

ALBORNOZ JEWELLERY: a new challenge for the “Progetto Atelier” (Atelier Project)

A new idea has been developed for the “Progetto Atelier”: Albornoz Jewellery. This is the result of a partnership between the artists, the Albornoz Palace Hotel and the goldsmiths of Spoleto. This collaboration was thought to create unique pieces of jewellery designed by artists of the “Progetto Atelier”. This is an important step for the Albornoz Palace Hotel. We are in fact exploring an art field that is new for us and that is why we asked for the help of one of the most famous artist worldwide: Ettore Consolazione.
Ettore Consolazione has already made a sculpture for the Hotel, “Sciame” (Cluster), placed outside. He is a sculptor, who can count in his career a lot of exhibitions (the “Biennale” of Venezia and the “Sculpture Center” of New York just to name a few). Now, for this project only, Ettore Consolazione turned itself into a jewellery designer opening this new adventure.
Yesterday the first meeting took place to decide which work of art, among several artist’s sketches (one of them is the picture above), will be realized.
The production of the first piece of jewellery is on the go and several numbered copies will follow in order to enrich the high recognition of the Atelier Project Collection. That is a perfect marriage between the art and the exclusivity of gold. Finally we had the change of putting into execute a project carefully thought, showing to our guests another peculiarity of the Albornoz Palace Hotel. Our aim is in fact to create a unique jewellery collection, as unique as the Albornoz Palace Hotel.
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