Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Franco Summa decorated a room of the Albornoz Palace Hotel: “La vita è sogno – La vita è segno”

“La vita è sogno – La vita è segno”. That means more or less: life is a dream – life is leaving your mark.
What an unusual name for a four star hotel room in Umbria. However guests can’t help but being charmed by the atmosphere of this room: light-blue lights, ultramarine blue walls and cerulean blue curtains. The ceiling is plenty of words, where the “o” letters become parts of a sky covered with polychromic stars. It comes naturally to start reading and thinking. It is clear to the guest the recall to Calderon de la Barca’s book “La vita è sogno” (life is a dream). So life is dreaming but also leaving a mark: our dreams, thoughts and plans become marks, that we are living behind us for the world, the descendents, the eternity to see. The artist creates through lights and colors an atmosphere, which surround the guest with a dimension where the dream dominates the reality: a reality made of dreams and marks chasing each other. This is a new perspective for Spoleto and for the entire Italy.
An intense emotion for a weekend or a working-trip in Umbria that will be more pleasant thanks to the philosophy of the Hotel: a special wellness sensation.
The sculptor is Franco Summa (1938), a worldwide famous artist, who changed the art conception and its expression forms during his career. At the end of the ’60s he started to develop a new art form defined “democratic”, which was meant to involve the whole public in an active, direct and creative way.
So his art is meant to be opened to the guests of the Albornoz Palace Hotel as well, who will find his philosophy all through the room, which was expressly decorated to reflect this idea.
We must also say that Franco Summa is a strong supporter of the so called “environmental art”, which is meant to interact with the space used for the sculpture and to connect with the surrounding panorama.
The room “La vita è sogno – La vita è segno” of the Albornoz Palace Hotel was created with this philosophy: in the exterior wall in fact a red lines was painted, that serve as a frame for the romantic San Pietro Extra Moenia church, one of the oldest church in town.
Thursday, March 24th 2011
Albornoz Palace Hotel
Address: 16 Viale G. Matteotti
06049 Spoleto (PG)
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