Saturday, 8 October 2011

EUROCHOCOLATE - Perugia: from October the 14th till the 23rd! If you can’t help but being guilty of the sin of gluttony, don’t miss these delicious 9 days!

We know that chocolate is a byword for good mood! We learned that as children, thanks to the reaction of our taste buds to the taste of chocolate and then we understood the scientific mechanism as adults: chocolate consumption stimulates the release mechanism of the endorphin, the substance responsible for good mood. But there is more: according to a study carried out by the British Medical Journal, eating chocolate reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by a third.
It also imperative to remember how life can be stressful, leaving no time for the ”sweet side” of it! To avoid this trend, Perugia has been organizing this amazing “chocolate” event for 18 years: the program is rich in events, attracting people from all over the world! That is why it is becoming more important year by year, almost as important as Valentine’s day or Easter!
It is interesting to know that the organization introduced a “card” with which people can benefit from discounts on prices among several businesses that take part in the event. The card costs 6 Euros and a small gift is included.
On Sunday, October the 16th four sculptors on behalf of Nestlè will work on enormous chocolate blocks (5 cubic meter weighing 11 quintal each), showing their artistic creativity! The topic of this year is: “living not only through memories”.
The Chocolate Show presents tons of chocolate products (gluten free as well): here you can find a list of all the exhibitors. If you want to enjoy the event and relax at the same time in a hotel with all the modern comforts but also a touch of style, we recommend you the Albornoz Palace Hotel of Spoleto, which is only 40 minutes away by car from Perugia. Albornoz Palace Hotel an oasis for unforgettable stays in Umbria!!
Friday, October 7th 2011
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