Friday, 30 September 2011

The “Casa degli Artisti” (artists’ house): a utopia soon to be reality

Do you remember Le Corbusier’s Utopia describing a place for the artists support by a patron? Well, that is soon to be a reality: a building right near the Albornoz Palace Hotel will soon be opened and it will be used to host all the artists that are willing to enrich the collection of the Atelier Project.
The building was projected by the architect Fulvio Bazzani and the sculptor Nicola Carrino and it was conceived to be a huge sculpture: a 90 square meters cube covered with corten steel plates and surrounded with water. A perfect marriage between art and architecture. But there is more: the construction of an auditorium is on the go and the idea is developing of turning the entire structure into a center that will be able to host visual art, theatrical shows, musical performances and ballets.
This is a huge step for the Albornoz Palace Hotel that has once again shown its prestige.
Wednesday, March 27th 2011
If you want to explore the exhibition of the works of art of the Albornoz Palace Hotel please click here.
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