Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Umbria: a journey through olive oil and gastronomic traditions: Opening House at the oil-mills, discovering the territory around Trevi!

October 23rd 2011
Finally the event that everyone was waiting for: the 14th Edition of “Frantoi Aperti” (opening house at the oil-mills)! Come to enjoy these 10 days (from October 29th to November 11th) entirely devoted to the PDO extra virgin olive oil! This event takes place every year in Trevi and surroundings, offering several performances, cultural activities, and, of course, gastronomic specialties! The first week-end of this year edition (Saturday October 29th and Sunday October the 30th) is called “Festivol”: two days totally devoted to the oil and its properties.

It’s also interesting to know that Trevi is one of the most beautiful small town in Umbria (along with Spoleto and Gubbio), also known for its “black” fennel, with extraordinary natural resources both in the valley and the hill.

During “Frantoi Aperti” it will be possible to taste the so-called “new oil” (the new season first oil), to cross all the small shops and markets which offer a free taste of the delicious “bruschette” (a typical Italian dish: toasted bread with oil above!), and to visit the old oil-mills in order to experience the oil production from the olive to the bottle.
There will be a lot of activities at your disposal to help turning your holiday into a special journey: visits to the oil-mill with ad accurate explanation of the oil-making-process, horse rides, picnics, urban trekking itineraries, tours of the old buildings, and even cooking courses to learn how to use the oil with the proper food. For further information click here.

There will be also exhibitions (by Mario Consiglio and Yonel Hidalgo Perez, just to name a few) and music performances.

The nearest place to spend the night? With no doubt the Albornoz Palace Hotel (only 15 minutes away)! Here you can find a highly skilled team which will provide you with a heaven of relaxation and a complete care of the body and the mind. Moreover the hotel in thought to be not only a place to spend the night but also a contemporary art museum, with works of art all over!

Come and experience the green heart of Italy, we are waiting for you!

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