Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Albornoz Palace Hotel takes part in a movie about Sol LeWitt

The mural painted on the walls of the lobby of the Albornoz Palace Hotel by Sol LeWitt, a famous American artist, will be on a movie, which is a documentary on the artist’s life made by the Dutch director Chris Teerink. The wall drawing of which we are talking about is “Archi da un angolo” – 1992.
This painting was born by coincidence: the owner of the Hotel wasn’t happy with the former walls colors (pink and grey), so he asked to the artist if he could thought about something more vivid and lively. After a first refusal, Sol LeWitt came back with 4 sketches (now hung on the restaurant walls). Once the ultimate painting was defined, it was realized in a short period of time and finally opened in 1992.
The wall drawing was painted on two opposing walls in order “to contain” the space in-between: pure and bright colors, which form lines framed by four black squares.  A magnificent mural, which has a strong impact on the arriving guests, identifying once again the artistic vocation of the Hotel.
Since 1992 the Sol LeWitt’s wall drawing is delighting guests and it is right with this work of art that the “Progetto Atelier” (Atelier Poject) was born, the new artistic philosophy created in order to involve artist, art lovers and guests of the Hotel in an ever-innovating environment.
Wednesday, March 30th 2011
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