Thursday, 15 September 2011

Why did we decide to include art in our Hotel?

How can be a Hotel defined? If you look up in the dictionary you will find that a Hotel “is a building where people pay to stay and eat meals”. It is a building where travelers used to stay any time they needed a rest from their journey. A Hotel is an infrastructure born when men have begun to travel both for business and religious purposes. At that time travelers needed a place to rest, to wash and to eat. Starting from the XIX Century, as the tourism grows, men began to travel not only for working-related reasons but also for pleasure. From that time on the Hotel has been conceived as we know it today: a place where you can enjoy your holidays.
As costumers change, the Hotel changes too: nowadays it isn’t the quantity of the services that makes the difference but rather the quality of them. But how can a tourist choose among all the ideas that the market has to offer?
The Albornoz Palace Hotel in Spoleto, Umbria, has the answer: here the tourist can enjoy the emotion of living into works of art.
The Albornoz Palace Hotel was founded in the early ‘90s as a four star hotel with a congress centre in order to lodge a high number of guests during cultural and art events like the Festival dei due Mondi (the Festival of the two Worlds). During the years the Hotel changes its look putting several works of art practically into every free spot: rooms, the parking-lot, the wellness center, the lobby, the congress center , the swimming-pool, the park and even the elevator.
Besides the Albornoz Palace Hotel hosts theatrical, musical, dancing and poetry events.
This kind of politics has been conceived to advertise the art and the various activities that the Hotel has to offer and it’s called Progetto Atelier (Atelier Project). That is why the Albornoz Palace Hotel has to be seen not only as a simple hotel but also as a holder of artistic experimentations that are constantly evolving.
Friday, January 28th 2011
Why don’t you try to sleep inside a work of art? Look up in our Photogallery!
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