Friday, 30 September 2011

The Albornoz Palace Hotel becomes the "new home" for the "Balletto di Spoleto" (Spoleto Ballet)

Finally the Spoleto Ballet has the chance to come back to its hometown: Spoleto, Umbria. It had in fact its base in Rom for 11 years.
The Spoleto Ballet was founded in 1992 as an activity connected with the “Teatro Lirico Sperimentale” (Experimental Opera House) of Spoleto by the dancer and choreographer Fiorenza d’Alessandro. The Spoleto Ballet won a great number of awards but it was moved to Rom in 2000 due to an underfunding.
The new President, also producer and composer, Marco Schiavoni brought the ballet back to its “natural environment” just a few days ago. Fiorenza d’Alessandro and Caterina Genta, actress, dancer and new artistic director of the project, are working along with him throughout this path.
The Company has a state aid but it’s also funded by the Mibac (the Italian Department for cultural goods and activities). There are several different projects on the go, some of them should be released in autumn 2011. A debate with artists and politicians should take place on March the 27th (The theater world Day) in order to discuss the future of the theater. This will be not only a “fresh start” for the Spoleto Ballet but also another piece on the already affirmed artistic reality of the Albornoz Palace Hotel, which has always been a place of art and for the art. The “Danza ContemporaneaMente” group is in fact already working there for several years.
Monday, February 28th 2011
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